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Business Events Tasmania is committed to business events that recognise the key industries and competitive advantages that exist in Tasmania. The Tasmanian Ambassador Program engages local and national industry leaders to champion the state and work with us in identifying and securing events in their field.

Ambassadors and Local Hosts

Ambassadors – Selected by BET, Ambassadors are key figures in one of Tasmania’s key industries. They will have previously been involved in bringing national or international business events to Tasmania. Ambassadors are available to guide and provide assistance in the bidding process for Local Hosts. They will work with BET to identify new national and international bidding opportunities.

Local Hosts –Local hosts are instrumental in securing business events in their field for Tasmania.  They may be the Tasmanian chairperson of an international/national association or an individual in charge of bidding for Tasmania as the conference destination.

The Benefits of being an Ambassador

Are you a leader in your field, eager to expose Tasmania’s potential to the rest of the world? Then work with us to bring conferences to Tasmania. Our Ambassadors are publicly recognised as being a part of a program that delivers tangible economic, social and cultural benefits to Tasmania.

You will be helping to promote Tasmania’s research, academic and innovation credentials to the rest of the world, at the same time giving local professionals and students in your field the opportunity to attend a national or international conference.

To add to this, our Ambassadors are acknowledged at our annual, prestigious Tasmanian Ambassador Program event, hosted by The Premier of Tasmania and BET CEO, and in press releases relating to specific bid wins and events.

To find out more about becoming an Ambassador or Local Host, view our Tasmanian Ambassador Program brochure here.