World’s No.1 chef heads to Tasmania

Lunch or dinner with Alain Passard? The world’s number one chef, Alain Passard is coming to Launceston and Hobart for the Great Chef Series. This is his first visit to Australia and he has picked Tassie and our celebrated fresh produce.

The ‘Great Chefs Series’ is an opportunity for some of the most influential culinary minds on the planet to mentor, coach and collaborate with the developing talent within the Tasmanian hospitality industry and TasTAFE Drysdale using Tasmanian produce. The Series runs between the months of March -August in Launceston and Hobart.

TasTAFE Drysdale students across the Cookery, Hospitality, Tourism and Events program areas will deliver an educational experience that will culminate with each ‘Great Chef’ and  Cookery Apprentices delivering a premium culinary event, showcasing Tasmanian Vocational Education and Training ingenuity with premium produce in the form of a degustation.

Each of the events is partnered with some of the finest cool climate sparkling, still and fortified wines from Tasmania’s world class wineries, and is a culinary journey unique to the experiences, flavours and techniques that have shaped each of the ‘Great Chefs’ passion for cuisine.

Other ‘Great Chefs’ heading this way for the Series include Dominique Crenn, Christian Puglisi, Guillaume Brahimi, David Moyle, Phil Wood and Mike McEnearney, Jacques Reymond and Mark Best.

Check out for further details on the ‘Great Chef Series’.


Top image: Josef Chromy Wines

Right image: Alain Passard by Douglas McWall

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