Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal

Our vision is to secure the future for the Tasmanian devil. With losses of well over 80 percent of the wild population this iconic animal is endangered due to a contagious cancer called Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD).

As the central fundraiser for this iconic animal, the Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal seeks support to fund critical DFTD research and conservation programs.  Administered by the University of Tasmania Foundation and working in partnership with the Tasmanian and Australian governments, to date the Appeal has funded well over $3 million dollars’ worth of research; management and community projects allowing collaborative research and conservation programs to achieve extraordinary progress.

Yet, the challenge to save the Tasmanian devil is at a critical juncture.

With the establishment of an Insurance Population of just over 700 devils the prospect for a future for the species has been significantly enhanced and a new phase in the fight is underway.

The Tasmanian devil vaccine research team is convinced that the ambitious goal of a protective vaccine to save this iconic species is within sight. If the vaccine proves successful, as we hope it will, then the experts believe the prospects for rebuilding disease-free wild populations to be very high.

Right now you have an historic opportunity to take a proactive role in securing the future for our iconic Tasmanian devil.

The Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal have an experienced team who can work closely with event planners to ensure your support makes a significant contribution to this critical work and that delegates have a devilish event!

Please contact Rebecca Cuthill, Manger, Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal on +61 3 6324 3314 or

Please contact Rebecca Cuthill, Manger, Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal on +61 3 6324 3314 or

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